KeyTracer Key Management Systems

Our intelligent RFID management system offers real-time tracking of keys and assets, providing comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities. Control who can access each key in the Key Safe, and restrict when they can be taken. This system allows you to manage access to keys and assets efficiently and with increased accountability.  

  • Secure Key Safes lock keys and control access to keys, buildings, vehicles, firearms and other assets
  • Key safes come in 5 different sizes and are modular, allowing for future expansion
  • Safes are custom-built to accommodate small or large sets of keys. 8, 16 or 32 key slots per module.
  • All key removals and returns are automatically recorded 
  • Electronic Key system software sends alerts when keys are not returned.
  • Access terminal prompts users through key retrieval/removal process.
  • Illuminated Key Slots identify the location of the key selected for return or retrieval.
  • Corrosion resistant, waterproof Key Fobs with a LIFETIME warranty. Reusable key ring and Key Fobs, tamper-proof seal.
  • Maintenance free, even after many years of use
  • Optimized for daily use and designed for rugged operation
  • Multiple authentication options: PIN code, access control card, or biometric reader.

Key Safes

  • 5 different sizes, from 8 to 384 keys per safe
  • Various key panel options to accommodate 8, 16 or 32 key slots per panel, individual lock for each Key Fob
  • Multiple authentication options; PIN code, access control card, or biometric reader
  • Option to upgrade to touch screen access terminal
  • Illuminated key slots make key return or retrieval simple.

Key Location & Key Exit System

Tracks and locates keys & assets in real time.

  • Quickly locate lost or missing keys or assets, with information on who has which keys, how long they’ve had them, where they've been taken
  • Real-time alerts: Automatically generates and sends alerts when a key is taken outside of an authorized area or out of the facility


Electronic Smart Lockers

AssetTracer is assembled from flexible locker modules that can be combined into vertical or horizontal stacks according to your exact needs.
Lockers can include optional charging ports for radios, mobile devices, or other electronics. They can also be configured with a wireless content surveillance system that confirms the correct assets are returned to lockers during transactions.
Users authenticate themselves and complete transactions through an intuitive touchscreen interface. You can assign locker access to individual personnel, whole teams, or by job type.
  • Prevent loss or misplacement of your most valued items
  • Built to your unique needs with customizable and modular compartments 
  • Designed to accomodate tablets, firearms, communication devices, laptops, and much more
  • Integrated smart terminal only grants access to authorized users, and can be tailored to give access during certain times of day, or when certain conditions are met
  • Built-in charging ports for each compartments ensures your devices are always ready to use
  • RFID Technology makes asset issue and return faster, eliminates user error and creates an audit trail of all transactions
  • Automatic transaction logging simplifies compliance efforts, and eliminates manual record keeping
  • Restrict access to each item by individual user or group
  • Choose from multiple authentication methods, including PIN code, card access, fingerprint or facial reader, or iris identification
  • Optional authentication using access cards (HID, etc), IrisID, facial recognition or fingerprint. Multi-factor authentication can be configured to ensure high-security

Fleet Management

Enforce accountability. Control access. Optimize your fleet usage.
Real Time Networks makes it easy to track and control access to your fleet, with all the features needed to manage your drivers and vehicles on a daily basis. Our built-in fleet management features give you a wholistic view of your fleet. At any moment, the system knows which vehicles are being under (or over) utilized and can control which vehicles are released to balance their usage. If there’s an issue with a vehicle, the system will initiate a lockdown on the vehicle and notify a technician. Additionally, the system knows the status and expiration date of every driver’s license and will lock out drivers who are not valid.
  • Control access to vehicles by user and/or by date and time
  • Make vehicle reservations, and change scheduling on the fly
  • Keep employees accountable for vehicles, and for returning keys on time
  • Have a full audit trail of every key for regulatory requirements
  • Gain productivity and efficiency by knowing who has which vehicle keys at all times
  • Ability to reduce your fleet to optimal size to meet your operational needs, thus reducing costs
  • Key reservations to better manage and restrict access to vehicles
  • Set reservation periods
  • Mileage, fault and issue code logging, with the ability to automatically book a technician for repairs and maintenance
  • License monitoring
  • Custom reporting and integration with other Fleet Management software based on your company's unique needs
  • Get instant alerts to your phone on late keys, unauthorized access requests, and key return notices

How Our Key Management Solutions Work


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  • Prevent lost or misplaced keys
  • Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record keeping
  • Generate custom reports to track key issue and return
  • Stop unauthorized access to keys
  • Give a user or group access to specific keys
  • Better accountability and increased security

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